Speed Survey

The SPEED SURVEY is an autonomous, inflatable craft which is very compact and has a high carrying capacity and unique transportability.

A Hydrojet craft whose design allows it to operate in all sorts of water sports and leisure areas, whether in the calm waters of a marina, the agitated waters at the entrance to a port, in very shallow water, and in polluted and choppy waters...



The composite module:
includes a propulsion system, remote operating console and battery pack. With a flat base and very small draft, the craft can operate in very shallow water and can also be beached. The design of the hull provides good control of the drone when cutting through waves. Finally, the grill covering the water flow path to the turbine protects against drawing in any floating debris, such as seaweed and floating wood etc.; very small debris gets shredded.

The pneumatic module:
the choice of its design using Drop Stitch material is for three reasons:

  1. An excellent resistance to abrasion, whether among rocks or sand and when launched from a boat.
  2. The rigidity of the profile obtained provides a carrying capacity of around 45kg, and can operate in seas inferior or equal to 3.
  3. Not taking up much room once folded and packed, coupled with its ease of use provide considerable reductions in transport costs and launch times.


Its different capacities allow it to be efficient in numerous areas.

  • Patrolling and surveillance in water sports and leisure areas.

  • Coastal rescue services

  • Bathymetry and water sampling (Quality controls)

  • Mooring and deployment of anti-pollution devices.

  • Controlling the occupation of Pontoons / Marinas

  • Making deliveries to an entity moored at anchor...